Bylaws of the D.C. Science Writers Association

  1. Membership.
    1. Membership is open to anyone who considers himself or herself a science writer.
  2. Officers.
    1. Officers shall include : President, Vice President, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair. The President may appoint someone to preside in his or her absence.
    2. Officers will be elected by a vote of the Board of Directors.
    3. Elections will be annual. Officers will serve April 1 through March 31.
  3. Board of Directors.
    1. The board shall consist of 10 to 20 members.
    2. Any member may nominate any member to serve on the board.
    3. A succeeding board will be elected by a vote of the current board.
    4. Elections will be annual. Board members will serve April 1 through March 31.
    5. If 20 or more members submit a petition requesting a special election, board members will be elected by a vote of the full membership. Anyone nominated for the board will be named on the ballot.
    6. The board shall meet at least four times a year.
    7. At least half of the board members must be present for a quorum.
    8. Decisions will be determined by simple majority of board members present.
  4. Board responsibilities.
    1. The board shall set annual dues.
    2. The board shall appoint members to coordinate specific activities.
    3. The board shall be responsible for maintaining the financial health of the organization, and assuring that all funds are spent in accordance with the conditions of incorporation.