Hands on Workshops

Hands on Workshops

DCSWA Hands-on-Workshops (HOW)


What is a HOW?

Want to branch out and learn something new? Need a refresher on a skill you learned a long time ago? DCSWA is offering a monthly, hands-on workshop (HOW) series to help members learn new skills or refine existing ones. Each month, an expert will teach members about a certain topic in a small classroom-style setting. Space is limited and is on a first come, first serve sign-up basis. Most of the workshops are free, although some more advanced workshops may require a nominal fee. For questions or potential workshop ideas, please email vicepres@dcswa.org.

When do they occur?

HOWs generally take place on the third Tuesday of the month. Please e-mail vicepres@dcswa.org for more details and to reserve a spot.

Workshop schedule

March 2016: Understanding the statistics of a scientific study

January 2016: beginner dSLR camera class

November 2015: Infographics 101

October 2015: Improve your resume taught by certified resume coach Amy Leighton

September 2015: beginner dSLR camera class

Workshop topics will include using a dSLR camera, creating a podcast, making infographics, producing videos, improving your resume, constructing animations, capitalizing on social media trends, and other relevant topics that will help journalists keep up-to-speed in the 21st century.